Is this masterclass for you?

Good question! Everyone is an empath to some degree, but not everyone identifies as an empath – those who do, know it in their bones that they have an intuitive gift. If that’s you, keep reading!

Have you ever felt…

✓ overwhelmed by the toxic emotions of others (at home, at work, in life)?

✓ heavy from the pain of the collective (news, gossip, social media)?

✓ unsure if what you’re feeling is actually yours?

✓ the desire to learn how to use your intuitive gifts as an empath to help yourself and others?


If you said YES to the above… then you’re in the right place.


This masterclass may not be for you if:

  1. You’re not sure if you’re an empath because you’ve never explored it – or yourself – before (*raises hand* it took me years to do the inner work to accept I was an empath & understand what that meant for me).
  2. Tapping into your mystical and Spiritual self makes you uncomfortable (I totally get it, I steered clear of this part of myself for a long time).
  3. You are not ready to invest in yourself, even if it would change how you see the world and your role in it (it’s okay, never jump into anything until you know you’re ready).


But that’s not you, otherwise, you wouldn’t be here. If you made it this far you’re ready for a masterclass that will give you the tools to…

✓ take care of your own energy FIRST in an intuitive way that feels seamless with your day-to-day….

✓ embody peace and project love so you can release the energy of stress, anxiety, or worry…

✓ navigate relationships so they are in flow without taking responsibility for any energy that isn’t yours…


So what are you waiting for?

THIS is the blueprint to self-mastery.

Here’s an overview of the masterclass:


When you enroll today…
Empaths who jump on this pre-sale will save $111 and get a sneak peek as the class unfolds.


The course officially launches on April 30th with our first group meditation.