Playing the Part

A series by Lisann Valentin

A disgruntled lawyer tries to figure out her life.


Brooklyn lawyer Maggie Diaz seems to have it all: a gorgeous boyfriend, a career as a civil defense litigator and endless latte’s at her sister’s hipster cafe. The only problem? She hates her job, her boyfriend is a cheater, and her sister is the only family she’s got. Legal drama she can handle. Life? That’s another story.

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Written & Directed by Lisann Valentin  Cinematography & Editing by Danny Garcia

Starring in Pilot:


  • Lisann Valentin (Narcos, Netflix; Alternatino, Comedy Central) as Maggie Diaz, Esq.
    Danny Garcia (Divorce, HBO; The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Netflix)  as Daniel Hayek, Esq.
    Mariana Cardenas (Save to Win, The CW) as Stacey Barren
    Vince Edgehill (Kettle, Hudson Valley International Film Festival) as  Frank Lindsay