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“Lisann is one of the most focused professionals I’ve ever directed. Her dedication and positivity stayed with me long after we wrapped, and I continue to recommend her as one of my favorite New York actors.”
— Misha Calvert, Dir.

Interview with New York Women in Film & Television

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Anonymous Film
“Lisann was fantastic to work with, a smart, witty, hardworking actress with depth and charisma.”
— Reinaldo Marcus Green, Dir.

“Lisann really dives into the layers of her character to present the audience with a believable experience.”
— Vince Edgehill, Filmmaker

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“I want to cast Lisann in every project I ever direct.”
— David-Matthew Barnes, Dir.

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“Lisann is a solid actress with sparkling personality. She makes a director feel confident that she’ll deliver.”
— Heidi Marshall, Dir.

Courier Lifes Brooklyn Daily
“Shining star Lisann Valentin…[o]ur future Oscar winner….”
— Joanna DelBuono, Courier Life’s Brooklyn Daily

“Lisann brings intelligence and integrity to each role she plays.”
— Adel Morales, Dir.

“Lisann has the endurance to master the character written on the page. She’s not only committed to the performance, she’s in constant pursuit to embody a fictional character and make them real.”
— Ramon Pesante, Dir.

Featured in Red Magazine, June 2016