Anything Can Be Sacred


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The first time I went to the West End Theatre, I got lost. In a panic, I called one of my castmates and told her I was freaking out (yes, it was a bit of an exaggerated Seinfeld moment) and she said in a calm and serene voice, “nooo, don’t freak out, just keep walking down the block…I’ll be waiting.”

When I finally got there, I threw my arms around her in relief.

That conversation was sacred for me. In a moment of vulnerability, she became my hero simply because she alleviated my fears.

photo by Joel Weber

photos by Joel Weber


Much like in life, on stage, The Church of Why Not shows just how extraordinary a normal person can be. Because anything can be sacred; any moment where we make the life of someone else just a little easier can be sacred.

Throughout the course of the play, we get to watch how one person affects another as the stories unfold and intertwine. That’s something we can sometimes miss in our every day experience; sacred moments where we become heroes for each other.  And those moments mean a lot to me.

To be part of a story that has real meaning… now that’s something. Because maybe, just maybe, it will touch the life of someone who comes to see it.

And that honor is truly sacred.


To lead people, walk behind them.
-Lao Tzu


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