If You Build It…You Know The Rest


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Puerto Rico is gorgeous this time of year. Well, all year round, actually. I just got back and I’m really feeling the effects of the cold weather here in New York City on my luminous tan skin (yes, I’m rubbing it in a little, I know).

If you’ve been reading for a while, you know that I love talking about this chapter of my life, because miraculous things happen when you believe in the purpose placed in your heart.

I felt this all the more while I was on vacation. The typical actor fear is that when we leave town, we’ll suddenly miss important opportunities, like FOMO [ˈfōmō: “fear of missing out”] but it’s more likely that we focus on the auditions missed during these times (it’s all about perspective after all).

However, this year alone, each time I’ve left town, I’ve actually gotten great news. While I was away, I discovered that my short film is an Official Selection of the 12th Annual Corto Circuito Film Festival! This is the third screening this year, and I’m beyond proud of this achievement for my little film.

And so I keep reaching, higher and higher. Thankfully, I’ve been keeping busy but at a pace that feels balanced. Because I only want to do the work that I love and enjoy it in the process. Sure, my schedule changes from week to week, but making time for my family and my partner remains a priority.  As is taking care of my health, (like staying off the grid while I’m in Puerto Rico), meditating and regularly exercising.

While striving to keep this balance, the work is steadily coming (no FOMO here)! I recently landed a lead role in an upcoming procedural web series entitled Kovar which shoots next month.  I’m really excited about that one, because I’ll be stretching myself as an actor and flexing some new muscles.

And when it comes to this life that I have built (thanks be to God), I got some INCREDIBLE news just a few days before I left town, but that will have to wait until next time.  Just remember, “if you build it, [they] will come.” In the meantime, stay warm and keep on building!


“If you build it, he will come.” ―Field of Dreams

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