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Lately, I cannot stop writing.

The ability to remain connected with my loved ones, family and friends and all of you is something our ancestors didn’t have during the 1918 influenza pandemic. As scary as this pandemic is, we are fortunate to have each other and to remain as connected as we are despite the physical distance. I think that knowledge brings me a sense of peace that allows me to write freely.

However, two years ago I wasn’t writing through peace. I was writing through grief. 

While you can read more about my growth through that grief here, you may remember that I ultimately turned that experience of loss into a short film.

When Letting Go screened at film festivals and aired on television, the response was beyond what I could ever imagine.

My love for Mamita and my mom allowed me to tell a very personal story that resonated with people; that made them feel understood and less alone. What a gift! The magnitude of that type of response isn’t lost on me. And yet, I have had no further desire to delve back into screenwriting or filmmaking.

And that’s okay.

With the current historical state of affairs, as our earth does what it needs to do to reset, recharge and heal, I have the luxury of staying home and tapping into my heart space to write.

Pouring my heart into my words. Putting that love on the page.

Much like grief, the anxiety and fear we may feel at this time will come and go like waves. But every act of love remains. When we act out of love for the sake of each other, for the sake of our future and for everything we create during those moments in between, the bonds we form through that love remains.

And so, I’ll continue to write. 

While we are all in our respective spaces, processing our feelings, know that I am here, sending you an abundance of love as we get through this together.  Because this story — this is the story we will all be telling for a lifetime.




Watch “Letting Go,” for free on YouTube below:

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